That I had a full sight glass I didn’t want to push any more refrigerant into the unit so basically that was that was it different just as just as the wrap-up super-new level how do you get the super heat this was a fixed metering device so to check the charge at a fixed metering device you do want to use the super-deep method so in order to get the super.

Heat the first thing I’m going to do is I’ve got my manifold gauges on there the low side pressure was psi the corresponding temperature to the saturation temperature is degrees hi the actual low temperature this is the temperature of the suction line coming out of the evaporator was degrees Fahrenheit you take when you subtract from that that gives you your super heat level of degrees which is a reasonable number so anyways I just wanted.

To I don’t think I said what that soupy level was before or anything like that that’s a very important number because you are charging on a fixed metering devices based off of that number and but basically that’s it and the the rest of the units are pretty much the same as you’ve already seen so we’re just going to continue doing annuals across the board with the same process that you saw and that’s it thank you thank you for watching the video I hope you enjoyed.

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