But you can see it it’s bubbling in there so I’m going to go ahead and just I’m going to get rid of the charge and I’m going to just I’m gonna put a nitrogen test on the whole system and just you know that way we can find everything and if that’s what this problem is will attack that with some nyeh log so let me get everything hooked up okay I’ve got all the charge removed.

out of the system I’ve got my nitrogen tank hooked up so I’m going to go ahead and put some pressure in there and I’m anxious to see where this leak is I’m really think it’s going to be on that service valve because I think a hole in one of the copper to the we de lost all the refrigerant we didn’t lose at all I think it was just seeping out of there but let’s let’s take a look let’s go ahead and open this baby up okay I’ve got one forty nine point eight pounds of nitrogen and I think it’s.

going to be this damn Tucson air conditioning suction valve the whole time because you see if I what happened is the guy that had put this in that was working for my dad probably didn’t use the damn heat sink when he installed this thing because see if I if I play with it see it’s not leaking but see Nike I don’t know if y’all can hear that now it’s leaking see I hope y’all can hear that now it’s leaking there you go now you can hear it real good but if I seat boom there now it stopped so I’m thinking that’s where the whole problem was because none of these solder joints are leaking and what I’m going to do real quick matter of fact I got it right here I am going to attack that valve real good with some not log right here.

This good stuff right here that mr. Zack turned me on to this is our so we’re going to use the red I could still see just a few bubbles in there so we’re going to hit that valve real good with some with some nylon and then I’m going to pressure it back up right to about pounds of nitrogen and then I’m going to go get me something to eat.