vasectomy reversal well there shouldn’t be any reduction the chances of our be a success after after the second reversal in fact if there is a problem with the sperm by virtue of problems like sperm antibodies or low numbers of sperm you should still be able to use that sperm which is available in the ejaculated semen very efficiently with an IVF.

procedure in that circumstance it’s unlikely a couple of mail and additional procedures such as testicle privacy to retrieve sperm right um and another question came through Jeff just on how long after the vasectomy reversal can the couple commence trying to conceive well I’ve seen people getting pregnant first go after just two weeks so I think two weeks is probably the the minimum there’s no maximum but probably the minimum good to make sure there’s not.

That there’s no problems with the the healing and and obviously if someone’s had a vasectomy there has been I guess all’s firm built up in the testicles for baby you know years a couple of years after that procedure is there any problems with conceiving potentially conceiving with that that’s firm sort of sitting me well I think that’s to be honest in a bit of an old wives tale I think that any sperm that comes through is capable of efficiently finding its way to an egg is perfectly vital and there’s really no problem so I don’t think I need to wait months just to get some sort of perky the spoon if there’s really no I can sub that and presumably I guess that after someone has a purse.